Thursday, January 6, 2011


"just like you, i get lonely...tooo ooo ooo"

did i mention, I don't ask if I don't want it or need it, if you reject don't expect me to ask again

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


love the feeling of laying on clothes fresh out the dryer


If you aren't the one making him laugh...then who is?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Keep it in the Cam!

Yes I know that life sends you curve balls and that sometimes things are out of your control but keeping your privacy is a must. (Yes, I know that blogging is inverse to maintaining privacy!) I am talking about things that you should only entrust to your partner: confidential information, memories of childhood, and other types of personal information, no matter the medium. I am a girl that likes borders and the sheer mention of crossing them makes me incredibly uneasy. I like to leave/give my attention to those that deserve it and share parts of me with people that I think are worth it.

Now considering that you have just met a female, and only engaged in 10mins of conversation, what gives you the impulse to send her a picture of you d***. I get it, you might somehow interpret that that is what I am looking for, you know, when you are thinking about how “good” I sound but if I don’t request your item, don’t provide it. Things like that have their place, you are not a pornostar, a stripper, or male escort, and even then you have to pay to see. If men (or women) don’t value themselves enough to keep certain things reserved, then where is the self-respect.

I can handle the receiving a picture message that I am not prepared for but if you were so free to send it to me I have to question the limits you set for yourself. What are your standards? What are your borders? I am curious, but I can still do without the answer. Just like Keri Hilson said “You turnin’ me off!”

Such is life!